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Stevie Ray Vaughan

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After 33 1/2 years of connecting you to the biggest stars in Rock & Roll on Rockline it is time for our our phones to fall silent, our mics to be turned off and our studios to be darkened. It's been one helluva ride to say the least and we thank your for playing your role and cranking up your radio, always remember, Rock till you drop! We will continue to present the greatest programs in our show's history for one final time until we sign off at the end of 2014. The following blurbs were written the first time these shows appeared as Encores and have not been redacted

Monday November 24, 2014

Green Day
Encore Presentation

Each holiday season we raid our shockingly extensive archive of shows and choose some of the best ones to share with you again. This show is from November of 2001, featuring not only the zaniness of Green Day as individuals, but an exclusive live performance from the East Bay based trio as well. This show was done on the heels of the unspeakable tragedy of 9-11 when we weren’t sure if it was OK to ever laugh again. None of us had ever borne such national tragedy before; certain songs were even removed from radio back then, seemingly innocuous songs like Drowning Pool’s paean to the rough boys in the mosh pit, “Bodies” and Steve Miller’s totally innocent “Jet Airliner”. But Billy Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool were about as much at a loss for words as Tolstoy was when he wrote “War and Peace”. Get current with the band at

They joined us on this chilly Southern California November night (it must have dipped into the fifties!) to plug their then new greatest hits album, “International Superhits” which contained two previously unreleased songs. The album, long ago platinum, has sold close to three million units worldwide and served as a coda to phase one of their career. As we now know, there was plenty more outstanding music to come. This show has a Marx Brothers vibe to it as you’ll hear immediately upon commencement. Parts of it are simply out of control craziness, yet it possesses a wonderful charm which can be summed up by a phone call we received the next day from their management, “Has anyone seen Tre Cool’s pants?” Now, that’s good radio.

Enjoy this Special Encore show featuring Green Day and Happy Holidays from all of us here at ROCKLINE!


Monday November 26, 2014

Stevie Ray Vaughan
Encore Presentation

We lost the incomparable Mr. Vaughan on August 27, 1990 in a tragic helicopter accident immediately after performing at one of America’s most hallowed concert locations, Alpine Valley, Wisconsin. It is a bittersweet, half full or half empty verity that Stevie Ray had recaptured his life from the serpentine reality of drug and alcohol abuse. So much so that he titled his last studio album “In Step”, honoring the twelve step system which allowed him the opportunity to rediscover himself while receiving the support of others in similar circumstances. Stevie spent many minutes of this classic show extolling the virtues of his rebirth, intoxicated by the heady high of clarity, of living unencumbered by the haze of addiction, realizing that sobriety can be it’s own reward and of, indeed, being “in step”.  

In a separate conversation on another of our shows, Jimmie Vaughan stated that after the release of the compilation album, “The Sky Is Crying” that no more unreleased material by Stevie Ray existed and a quick check of his discography reveals that to be the case. The only subsequent albums are either greatest hits, or live recordings of debatable quality. However, this show features two live performances of particular note, “Travis Walk” and a rarity of indisputable import, a song which not only was never recorded anywhere else, but one which at the time was nameless. We learned only later that its working title was “Life Story”, an autobiographical musical essay of Vaughan’s early life in the Oak Cliff section of Dallas and his foray into music. While we make no claims of sonic superiority (Chris Layton plays a phone book with drumsticks), we certainly realize the historical significance of this piece and are pleased to share it with you again after all these years.

Rife with great music, rich with stories and brimming with redemption, we are proud to honor Stevie Ray Vaughan with this splendid Special Encore ROCKLINE. Flag this as one not to be missed.    


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