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After 33 1/2 years of connecting you to the biggest stars in Rock & Roll on Rockline it is time for our our phones to fall silent, our mics to be turned off and our studios to be darkened. It's been one helluva ride to say the least and we thank your for playing your role and cranking up your radio, always remember, Rock till you drop! We will continue to present the greatest programs in our show's history for one final time until we sign off at the end of 2014. The following blurbs were written the first time these shows appeared as Encores and have not been redacted

Monday November 17, 2014

Foo Fighters
Encore Presentation

It's hard to believe almost eight years have passed since the Foo Fighters joined us on Rockline for their first and only double CD, "In Your Honor", but as we scour out famed show archive for some of the numerous gems worthy of being heard again, this show from September 26, 2005 immediately came to mind for its resonant flow, killer music and fun stories. Representing that night were main-man Dave Grohl and bassist Nate Mendel and they told us this mammoth twenty song album came about because it was their 10th anniversary and they wanted to treat their fans to something special. "In Your Honor" was the result and it began with the band laying down tracks for a disc of acoustic songs, all essentially performed live as hardly anything received a third take. They had begun assembling the rock disc and soon realized the acoustic songs were kicking the rock songs ass, so they left heavy production behind and went for a live feel for the rock songs too. The result was a platinum plus album that spawned two #1 singles and a #2 and included a stellar duet between Grohl and Norah Jones, "Virginia Moon". has current info.

During the recording of "In Your Honor" Grohl learned Led Zeppelin's, John Paul Jones, was receiving a lifetime achievement award in Los Angeles, decided to give him a call and they hit it off famously. Jones appears on two songs on the album and it also led to them performing live one year at the Grammy's outside of Staples Center in Los Angeles and then to form Them Crooked Vultures with Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age. Not only was the album sensational, it was the catalyst for things to come. We're not going to tell you everything that's in this show, but there is a really cool story about Warren Haynes inviting Dave's mom to ride with him on his tour bus just after 911 when the entire country was shut down for a few days.

Don't miss this Special Encore with one of America's best bands ever, the Foo Fighters!


Monday November 19, 2014

Warren Zevon
Encore Presentation

Warren Zevon passed away on September 7, 2003, almost exactly ten years ago. Likely you knew Warren from his music, noted for its cleverness, worldly view, and sometimes acerbic nature always in tune with a wickedly dry sense of humor. If you knew Warren personally, as we at Rockline did, then you'd also know what a teddy bear he was as a person. Sometimes glib, but always politically astute and armed with spectacular intellect, Warren was fast friends with many in the music world because of his caring and inherent down to earth nature. Zevon always had something to say in his music never wasting an opportunity to provoke his audience in one manner or another and his songs ranged from the serious (The Envoy) to the lighthearted (Werewolves of London).  He saw the world differently than many, sometimes it seemed he had inside information, like he'd sneaked a look at the deck. Visit his site at Speaking of which, who knows how the rock bard would have perceived the Internet and privacy intrusions of 2013.

A little behind the scenes for you. We worked really hard on this particular show. Shows that aren't live are always more difficult and time consuming. With live you just do it and it's over. That's why the late night TV shows are done that way. Extremely minimal editing. This show didn't exist, we constructed it. Before we go any further, thanks to David Letterman for 'getting it' with Warren, even giving him a full hour once, but then Zevon was quite the raconteur. Back to this show, we had to piece it together from multiple shows with different guests, folks like Tommy Shaw, Billy Bob Thornton and lots more, including some time spent with Jordan, Warren's son and four appearances from Warren himself. You see, Warren was too sick to make it down to the show. The mesothelioma ravaging his lungs was contracted while a kid spending a lot of time in his attic. Does that help explain Warren, the inordinate amount of time spent in an attic? Dunno.  He did say, however, "At least it wasn't cancer". That was Zevon. This show also features some sizzling exclusive live performances from Warren that we gathered from over the years. Hearing comments from Tommy and Billy Bob taken from other shows, reveals a sad but incredibly uplifting story of a gang of folks at Billy Bob's studio one night when Warren decided he wanted to record Dylan's, "Knockin' On Heaven's Door". The idea was originally met with some hesitation, shall we say, but Zevon could be quite persuasive and the song is the 3rd track on his final album, "The Wind", with seven voices singing beautifully together, including that of John Waite. We'll save the rest for you to listen to. There's a reason we put in countless hours sifting through shows looking for pieces we hoped we could find. The reason why we did it was because that's how Warren would have done it, for you or for me, or for anyone for that matter, with enthusiasm and focus.

Hard work and respecting others was never an issue with Warren. We miss him tremendously, especially when a voice of perception and humor is such a rare commodity these days. Join us for the first time this show has been rebroadcast, it's Warren Zevon and Friends on the next ROCKLINE!


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